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Nets Mended, Boots Packed. Fish Boats Head For Alaska

Big factory ships are heading out to sea, and in coming weeks, 10,000 people from Washington state will head north to the Alaska fishing grounds. Half of all the seafood caught in the U.S. comes from the Alaska fishery. Seattle is its base, and the biggest players are the companies that own catcher-processor ships. They include Trident Seafoods, Glacier Fish Company and American Seafoods Group. Crews have spent the last few weeks getting the ships ready. At Interbay’s Pier 91 on Monday, the Northern Eagle, a ship owned by American Seafoods, prepared for its journey. Read more here 19:53:34

NovaScotia: Fishing is good, business is rough

BAYFIELD — Brendan Doyle has a few hundred square yards of bottom to call his own. For nine years, every dollar he’s hauled aboard the Dethadol, Gaelic for “What’s goin’ on,” has gone to pay for his boat and licence. Meanwhile, Doyle is paying $25,000 a year on his licence and another $10,000 annually for his boat. Then there’s $10,000 during his two-month season for bait, $4,500 for fuel and $14,000 for crew. His big diesel motor is 7,400 hours into an estimated life expectancy of 10,000 hours — it’ll cost $45,000 to replace. Then there’s licensing fees, wharf fees and a thousand other costs that pile up. continued