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Federal Fishery Act Undergoing Reauthorization; Will dictate for generations the parameters for managing the fishing industry By LAINE WELCH

SitNews – The rules that govern our nation’s fisheries are being retooled so it’s reassuring that Congress isn’t traveling in uncharted seas.,,,On Frankenfish,,, On Wal-Mart’s salmon diss,,, Salmon sales through April [email protected]

Crafting of Bycatch Reduction Plan for Trawl Groundfish Fisheries – Like it or not, catch share programs are a preferred tool for federal fishery managers.

SitNews – Fishing industry stakeholders and federal managers in June will begin crafting a bycatch reduction plan for trawl groundfish fisheries in the Gulf.  It will include some form of catch share plan, and as the main delivery port for more than $100 million worth of pollock, cod, flats and other fishes, Kodiak is closely guarding any giveaways. continued