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Over 2-Million Sockeye Harvested Thursday in Bristol Bay – WHOO! Thats a lot of Dinners!

The sockeye harvest in Bristol Bay topped 2-million on Thursday to push the season total to 4.1-million. Over 860-thousand sockeye were taken in the Egegik District on Thursday,, Read more here 11:38:

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 27, 2014 By Mike Mason

The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Friday June 27 includes an update on the strong push of sockeye into and through the Nushagak District and a story about the efforts by the BB-RSDA to study a driftnet buyback program in Bristol Bay.  We also take a look at the latest harvest and escapement numbers for Bristol Bay and hear about a project to use photo’s from the fishing grounds to fight development of the controversial Pebble Mine. Listen to the report here 11:17

Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery Closed – This year’s fishery as a success

The 2014 Togiak sac-roe herring fishery is officially closed. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game ordered the closure on Wednesday after all of the processors stopped buying fish.  Tim Sands is the Area Management Biologist for the Division of Commercial Fisheries. He characterized this year’s fishery as a success.  Read more here  16:27

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Friday, July 19

radio-microphoneThe Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Friday, July 19th includes an examination of the large price increase this season in the Bay.   We also check out some priorities for the pending reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Act and we’ll explore the controversy surrounding Wal-Mart’s decision to only stock salmon carrying the MSC sustainability label. All of that and more in the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Friday, July 19th.    [email protected]