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Trawl Modifications to keep fish out of N.C. shrimp nets prove surprisingly effective

Shrimpers and biologists surprised the experts last summer by using modified trawl nets that drastically reduced the amount of popular fish caught and discarded. The nets were fitted with a variety of devices beyond what is already required, including “spooker cones” that scare away fish before they enter the net, additional escape openings called fisheyes, and tailbags with larger mesh. The tailbag is where the catch collects at the end of the net. Biologists and fishermen were amazed how effective the test devices were, said with the Division of Marine Fisheries. Read the article here 16:49

Unalaska City Council supports smaller bycatch reduction, mayor says


Even without a formal resolution, the Unalaska City Council does agree with the mayor that any cuts to halibut bycatch allowed to trawlers should not exceed 10 percent, according to Mayor Shirley Marquardt. Last week’s newspaper incorrectly reported that she failed to win the city council’s support on the issue. At the April 28 meeting, Marquardt called for a halibut bycatch reduction of no more than 10 percent, versus the 50 percent supported by a group of Alaska state legislators. Read the rest here 16:39

NOAA Grant Awards Support Research and Innovation in Bycatch Reduction

NOAA ScientistThe newly-awarded projects support bycatch reduction research around the country and address a variety of species, including flounders, Chinook salmon, red snapper, Jonah crabs, coastal sharks, skates, sea turtles, whales, and other marine mammals. A list of grant recipients by region is listed below. Read the rest here 14:08

This fish net uses LED lights to save fish

Watson joins a growing number of innovators designing more selective fishing gear to reduce bycatch—the unwanted fish, dolphins, whales and birds that get scooped up by longlines, gillnets and trawlers each year and then discarded. Read more here 12:14

Joe Macinko spanks Eric Olson: Fishery council chair’s response to bycatch criticism snagged bottom

The outgoing chairman of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Eric Olson, has responded to my commentary “Canada’s trawlers drastically cut bycatch, why can’t Alaska’s?” In his response, he says I have ignored all the good work done by the council in the way of bycatch reduction. Rather than refute my claims, several of the statements, misdirections and omissions he makes serve to illustrate my points. Read it here 14:46