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Fishing resumes in 138 square miles of oil fouled waters off the Santa Barbara coast

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife allowed fishing to resume on Monday that was closed following last month’s huge oil spill. Fish and Wildlife officials said decided to reopen the area following word from scientists that consuming fish caught in those waters poses no threat to human health. They said their scientists worked with their counterparts from the state Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment to test a broad range of finfish, shellfish,,, Read the rest here 08:00

California oil spill harder to clean up in choppy waters

A 10-square-mile oil slick off the California coast is thinner than a coat of paint and it’s becoming harder to skim from choppy waters, officials said as more dead animals were discovered. The combination of sunlight and waves Friday helped evaporate and dissolve some of the oil that blackened beaches and covered wildlife in thick goo after a pipeline on shore leaked up to 105,000 gallons on the Santa Barbara coast Tuesday. Photo’s, Read the rest here 11:02