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Sea lions hinder salmon conservation

California and Steller sea lions took a bigger bite out of last year’s salmon run than in any previous year, according to a new federal report. 2015 saw a bigger run, with more than 239,000 chinook and steelhead migrating past Bonneville Dam. That year, the total number of salmon that sea lions ate was he largest ever recorded. The Army Corps of Engineers recorded more than 260 sea lions eating more than 10,000 fish from January to June 2015. The 2016 salmon run was far smaller, but the sea lions’ appetite for salmon didn’t shrink much. They still ate more than 9,500 fish, nearly 6 percent of the run. That’s the largest share of the run eaten by the large marine mammals since Army Corps scientists started watching 15 years ago. Read the rest here 12:43

California sea lions suffering from brain damage caused by algal blooms

The thousands of sea lions stranded on California beaches every year may be suffering from brain damage caused by algal blooms, according to a study of animal behavior by UC Santa Cruz researchers. The wave of sick sea lions has baffled scientists and beach-goers, who find them weak, confused or trembling due to seizures. The research, presented Monday at the bi-annual Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals in San Francisco, revealed evidence of poisoning by domoic acid, a toxin produced by naturally occurring marine algae. Read the article here 16:02

Rep. Doc Hastings’ bill would protect salmon from California sea lions

Opponents of the bill argued that the Marine Mammal Protection Act already grants local authorities appropriate action to safeguard the local fish species, saying that there was no demonstrative threat that numbers of the salmon population were falling below what was acceptable by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Advocates of the bill, including Hastings, argued that the bill was a proactive measure that would build on previous methods which he said have been proven effective. [email protected],com

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/06/13/193868/rep-doc-hastings-bill-would-protect.html#.UbpUuj_D-Uk#storylink=cpy

Starved for attention, Captain Paul Watson: The Damn Hunger Games on the Columbia River

Sea Shepherd is proud to announce the launch of the 2013 Dam Guardian campaign to protect California sea lions along the Columbia River in Washington and Oregon. This marks the second year Sea Shepherd has organized a sea lion defense campaign along the Columbia. This season Sea Shepherd has amassed plans to maintain a formidable presence at the Bonneville Dam and the Astoria trap site with a team of more than 30 international volunteers presently scheduled to participate on site. Below is a commentary by Captain Paul Watson originally posted on May 31, 2012. continue