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Lobster trade may profit from Canada-EU trade deal, says Shea

“The lobster industry, it’s a market of supply and demand, so, we as a government are working on the demand side opening trade agreements around the world to create more markets, but the industry has to soon step up and do that marketing,” said Shea. Read more here 08:46

Canada-EU trade deal hurting Greenland’s shrimp exports

The tariff system which was brought in on Jan. 1 2013 saw allowances for 30,000 metric tons of cooked and peeled pandalus borealis to be shipped to the EU tariff-free. This has hurt Greenland’s sales of coldwater shrimp to Europe, said Henrik Leth, chairman of the Employer’s Association of Greenland and Polar Seafood. [email protected]863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2