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UPDATED: 2 dead after fishing boats collide off southeastern P.E.I.

Two men are dead after two fishing boats collided about nine kilometres off southeastern P.E.I., police say. RCMP Cpl. Gregg Garrett said the collision happened Saturday between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. Police, paramedics and firefighters, as well as officials from DFO, victims services and the Canadian Coast Guard, were at the Beach Point wharf near Murray Harbour on Saturday. >click to read<21:23

Two men dead after fishing boats collided near Beach Point, P.E.I. – Const. Tara McBride of the RCMP says one boat was on its way back to shore and smashed into another boat that was buoyed off about 10 kilometres off the coast of Beach Point. She says there were eight crewmembers total between the two boats, including the men that died. McBride says both of the deceased were on the same boat. >click to read<13:48

Retiring marine radio operator recalls 50 years of triumph and tragedy

His name may not be familiar. But Blair Duhamel’s voice is known by mariners across Eastern Canada. For 50 years, the Glace Bay man has worked as a marine radio operator for the Canadian Coast Guard. At his retirement celebration at the Canadian Coast Guard College in Westmount, N.S., colleagues paid tribute to a man who’s helped “countless” mariners to safety. “I was fresh out of high school and applying for anything I saw in the paper,” he said. ‘So I applied for this job, not knowing what it was. But I’m very glad I did.” When he started in the spring of 1968, at age 19, mariners used Morse code to communicate. >click to read<18:37

Sea trials for new Coast Guard vessel set for the summer

The first Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard was launched at Seaspan Shipyards in Vancouver in December and a short time later transferred to Victoria, BC for finishing work. The ship, Sir John Franklin, is the first large vessel to be designed and built under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. Defence Watch has received a number of emails indicating that there are major electrical issues with the vessel. >click to read<20:16

Ice still holding up crab fishery

The Canadian Coast Guard still has about five to seven days of ice-breaking operations around New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula, the acting superintendent of Ice Operations Atlantic, Trevor Hodgson, reported Wednesday. Ice had started its normal regression from the Gulf of St. Lawrence by early March but a few days of northeasterly winds in mid-March reversed that trend. “It hit the Gulf pretty hard, he said. “It essentially took all the ice that was in the Gulf and compacted it into three big piles,”,, >click to read<20:49

Aging coast guard ships stuck in refits put crucial Georges Bank fisheries survey at risk

Once again, Canada’s fleet of coast guard vessels is showing its age. A federal fisheries science survey on Georges Bank is delayed this winter because the Canadian Coast Guard vessel normally tasked with the job is out of commission on an extended refit, CBC News has learned. And a second coast guard ship expected to take over the job is also unavailable because it, too, is undergoing a refit that had to be extended. The five-week Department of Fisheries and Oceans survey off southern Nova Scotia usually starts mid-February aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Alfred Needler, but the 36-year-old vessel is high and dry these days in a St. John’s shipyard. >click to read< 09:40

Aground – Crew rescued after fishing vessel suffers significant damage near Witless Bay

Two people aboard the Northern Star fishing vessel were rescued by helicopter after the ship ran aground near Witless Bay early Saturday morning. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax dispatched a Cormorant helicopter to rescue the two individuals, and Canadian Coast Guard officials are now on the scene with an environmental response team, the CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell and a helicopter. >click to read< 12:16

3 crew members rescued as Search and Rescue mission underway for fishing boat captain off Canso

A search and rescue mission is underway about four kilometres southeast of Canso, N.S., to find the captain of a fishing vessel that ran aground on rocks. The military’s Joint Task Force Atlantic said it received a distress call from the vessel at 11 p.m. Tuesday. Three of the four crew members were rescued when another fishing boat came to help, but the fourth person — the captain — stayed on the stranded vessel. There has been no communication with the captain since. >click to read< 23:32

Seaspan launches Canadian Coast Guard’s first Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel

The first large vessel to be designed and built under the Canadian National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) was launched at Seaspan Shipyards on December 8. ‘Sir John Franklin’ is the first of three offshore fisheries science vessels (OFSV) which will be operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. In 2011, the government of Canada selected Seaspan to be its non-combat shipbuilder as part of the NSS program. click here to read the story 09:44

Coast Guard ship fined for going too fast in Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Transport Canada has fined the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir William Alexander $6,000 for going too fast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The ship allegedly violated the federal government’s 10-knot speed limit that was put in place in August to prevent further deaths of the endangered North Atlantic right whales.​ As of Sept. 16, there’s been 11 right whales confirmed dead in the Gulf. “We take the speed restriction very seriously,” Delphine Denis, a spokesperson for the federal Minister of Transport, said in an email. click here to read the story 16:41

Carcass of a North Atlantic right whale spotted in the Gulf of St. Lawrenceclick here to read the story

Canadian Coast Guard names new SAR boats as Bay-class

The first in a fleet of Canadian Coast Guard’s new search and rescue (SAR) lifeboats will be named after Conception Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadian minister of fisheries Dominic LeBlanc announced on Monday. Following the lead ship in the class, up to 20 new “Bay”-class boats will be named after geographical bays across Canada. The CCGS Conception Bay will be stationed in the Atlantic region. The new high-endurance, self-righting search and rescue lifeboats will operate up to 100 nautical miles from shore, delivering improved search and rescue capability. click here to read the story 08:42

Crab-fishing boat runs aground on Rose Spit

A crab-fishing boat ran hard aground on Rose Spit this morning (8/31). All four people on board the boat, the Prince Rupert-based Carmanah Light, managed to get to the beach safely wearing survival suits. No injuries have been reported. Search-and rescue volunteers with Archipelago SAR drove to Rose Spit and picked up the stranded crew. Masset Marine Rescue, BC Parks, DFO, Haida Fisheries and the Canadian Coast Guard are also responding on land and water. Masset Mayor Andrew Merilees, also a volunteer with Archipelago SAR, was the first on scene. click here to read the story 07:29

Biologist slams U.S. vessel for running aground in Witless Bay Reserve

Oil from a U.S. fishing vessel killed a number of birds inside the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve on Friday, and a seabird biologist says the boat had no business being so close to Green Island to run aground in the first place.,, The Canadian Coast Guard’s environmental response team cleaned up Friday, and DFO said no pollution was reported in Witless Bay. Transport Canada is investigating. Montevecchi said the Eyelander, an American fishing boat, was apparently too close to Green Island early Friday morning and ran aground. click here to read the story 20:46

No oiled birds spotted in Witless Bay area – In a statement Tuesday, the Canadian Coast Guard said its environmental response surveillance flights — and surveys by boat of the area on Saturday along with the Canadian Wildlife Service — confirmed there was no pollution in the area. Meantime, two dive surveys have been completed on the fishing vessel with no sign of diesel or oil leakage. click here to read the story 8/28 16:39

Carcass of right whale being towed to P.E.I. to determine cause of death

The Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries and Oceans Canada were expected to beach a dead right whale on a Prince Edward Island shore Wednesday in a bid to learn what killed at least six of the endangered mammals in recent weeks. Tonya Wimmer of the Marine Animal Response Society said the carcass was being towed to shore at Norway, P.E.I., with the intention of conducting a necropsy on Thursday. “For the coast guard and Fisheries and Oceans … it is a very slow process to ensure the safety of the people on the boats and also make sure they don’t lose the animal midway coming in. Some of these animals are coming from quite a ways away,” Wimmer said. click here to read the story 15:22

Canadian Coast Guard warns Fishermen – Too dangerous to go fishing due to ice

The Canadian Coast guard is telling Newfoundland fishermen not to go fishing because of sea ice that’s packed into bays on the northeast coast of the island. “I would definitely say don’t go out,” said Trevor Hodgson, superintendent of ice for the Atlantic region. “If you’re in port, that’s the safest place for you to be. If you’re out of port, in open water, don’t try and get back through that ice pack to get into port. Choose another, alternate route,” Hodgson added. It’s particularly bad now because of the storm that hit the island over the long holiday weekend pushing thick, heavy ice into shore. Hodgson said he’s fearful fishermen are going out not realizing the potential danger. Click here to read the story 08:04

Eight Fishermen rescued from sinking fishing boat near Burin Peninsula

Eight crew on a sinking fishing vessel near the Burin Peninsula were rescued by search and rescue teams on Friday, according to Joint Task Force Atlantic. JTF said Friday night that all eight crew members from a vessel in distress were hoisted onto a Cormorant helicopter about 130 nautical miles south of Burin. The vessel was taking on water, and JTF said Friday night it was abandoned. A spokesperson for the agency said helicopters originally sent three water pumps down to help remove water from the ship, but the group couldn’t keep up with the flooding. No vessel identification is mentioned. Link  Watch the video here  08:49

UPDATED: Vessel Safe in Yarmouth Harbor – Pump dropped to fishing boat taking on water off Yarmouth

A Hercules aircraft has dropped a pump to a 13-metre fishing vessel taking on water off Yarmouth, N.S., and the situation is “stable,” according to the military’s Joint Task Force Atlantic. Canadian Navy Lt. Len Hickey said a call to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre came in around 8:30 a.m. AT about the fishing vessel Tide ‘N Knots taking on water about 32 kilometres off the coast. The Hercules, along with a Cormorant helicopter and several Canadian Coast Guard vessels have been dispatched to the scene to help. There’s no word on how many people are on the vessel or whether anyone has been injured, though Hickey underscored the situation is “stable.” Read the rest here.  Another report confirms there are five fishermen aboard. Read that here 15:00

Four fishermen rescued off New Brunswick

canadian coast guardThe Summerside-based Canadian Coast Guard Vessel, Cap Nord, was dispatched Tuesday evening after a New Brunswick fishing vessel reported it was taking on water.  Sub. Lt. Blair Gilmore with the Canadian Coast Guard’s Joint Recue Coordination Centre, said all four persons onboard the Julie and Jolene were able to get safely onboard a “vessel of opportunity,” the fishing vessel Black Pearl that was in the area at the time. No one was injured and the four crewmembers were taken into port at Richibucto. The distress call from the Julie and Jolene was received around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. The vessel subsequently sank. Link 12:31

Canadians don’t grasp the dire straits the Coast Guard Fleet is in, expert says

canadian coast guardThe majority of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet is so old that its book value is almost worthless, says an independent report presented to the Liberal government. A third-party analysis was commissioned by the agency, which has for the last 20 years fallen under the responsibility of the Fisheries Department. A heavily censored copy of the report, which was included in a briefing package for former fisheries minister Hunter Tootoo, was obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information Act. It pulls no punches when it comes to the state of the fleet that performs vital ice-breaking and life-saving search and rescue functions on all three coasts. “A significant amount of the fleet is fully depreciated,” says the undated report written by analysts Bill Austin and Carl Hegge. Read the story here 10:04

Rescue at sea

73314comox09JRCCPhoto-RescuenearKyuquot-11Sep16On Monday 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron was involved in a rescue mission on the west side of Vancouver Island. 442 Squadron was tasked by Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Victoria to assist the Canadian Coast Guard in a rescue of a “man overboard,” 13 nautical miles west of Kyuquot Channel. Canadian Coast Guard Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) 507 located and rescued the man, who had fallen overboard from a small fishing vessel about three hours earlier. The man was subsequently hoisted aboard one of 442 Squadron’s CH-149 Cormorant helicopters, flown to Comox, then transported via ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital. No further details on the victim’s conditions, or his place of residence, were available at time of printing. link 21:41

3 fishermen rescued off Sydney, Nova Scotia

canadian coast guardThree fishermen were rescued from their grounded vessel in waters off Sydney early this morning, says the Royal Canadian Navy. The vessel ran aground on Scatarie Island, about 17 nautical miles southeast of Sydney. It crew sent out a distress call around midnight, said navy spokesperson Lt. Christine Hurov. “It was taking on water, so the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre tasked 413 Squadron’s Hercules and Cormorant as well as the Canadian Coast Guard ship Spray,” Hurov said. The three crew members were “cold and tired” but otherwise in good shape when the zodiac picked them up, Pink said. The fishing boat was left on Scatarie, but Pink said a salvage operation is in the works. The fishermen were taken aboard the Spray to Louisbourg, from where they left for home. Link 10:22

Kitsilano Coast Guard Station reopening with new boats

ccg-pollution-response-vesselThe Canadian Coast Guard has confirmed that when the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station reopens on Sunday it will have two inflatable rescue boats and a specialized pollution response vessel. The station, which is located near downtown Vancouver, was closed by the federal Conservatives in early 2013, a move that was criticized by many, including local city councilors. The Liberals promised to reopen the base after winning the last election. After a cargo ship spilled several thousand litres of bunker fuel into English Bay, the government also promised to upgrade the base’s pollution response capacity. Yesterday Canadian Coast Guard spokesman Dan Bate revealed what vessels will be stationed at the base. They include: Read the rest here 10:10

Canadian Coast Guard accepts new light-lift helicopter in Shearwater, Nova Scotia

The honorable Hunter Tootoo, minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, the honorable Judy M. Foote, minister of public services and procurement, and Jody Thomas, commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard, have accepted the last new light-lift helicopter into the Canadian Coast Guard fleet. “These made-in-Canada light-lift helicopters are faster, safer, more reliable and more efficient than the models they are replacing,” said Tootoo. “By renewing the fleet of helicopters, our government is providing the women and men of the Coast Guard with the modern equipment they need to better serve Canadians.” Read the rest here 09:10

Nunavut officials press for Arctic search and rescue base – “Within the last six months we’ve had two near disasters”

Nunavut’s fishing industry is renewing its call for a search and rescue base in the North after two recent major incidents where fishing vessels were in distress in Arctic waters for hours before help arrived. “Within the last six months we’ve had two near disasters,” said Jerry Ward, chair of the Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association. Last September, the Atlantic Charger fishing vessel took on water near the mouth of Frobisher Bay. The nine-person crew was rescued by a Danish ship. Then last month, the F/V Saputi ran into ice and took on water. Hercules aircraft from Nova Scotia dropped pumps as the Danish Navy escorted the damaged ship and crew of 30 to Nuuk, Greenland. Read the rest here 08:04

5 rescued from sinking fishing boat off the coast of Yarmouth

canadian coast guardA Coast Guard ship rescued five people from a fishing boat early Sunday morning after they reported the vessel was sinking 16 nautical miles, or about 30 kilometres, off the coast of Yarmouth, N.S.  A spokesman for Joint Task Force Atlantic says the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax received a mayday distress call from the  around 11:30 Saturday night. Cpt. Cameron Hillier says JRCC Halifax dispatched a Cormorant helicopter and a Hercules aircraft from 14-wing Greenwood to help with the rescue efforts. He says the group was reported safe and sound at around 1:30 a.m. Read the rest here 16:20

Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo named minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

Nunavut MP Hunter Tootoo has been named minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet.  He’ll become Canada’s second Inuk to be appointed as a senior federal cabinet minister as he’s sworn in Wednesday morning at Ottawa’s Rideau Hall. The Fisheries and Oceans ministry is a diverse one that will take Tootoo from coast to coast to coast. The department also oversees sealing. That’s been a contentious issue in the Atlantic provinces and in Nunavut, where Inuit hunters have suffered due to the European Union’s ban on seal products. Read the rest here 14:29

New offshore fisheries science ship under construction in North Vancouver

Construction has started at the North Vancouver shipyard on one of three new fisheries ships for the Canadian Coast Guard, the federal government announced on Wednesday morning. The new offshore fisheries science vessel, which will be named the CCGS Sir John Franklin after the British explorer, is expected to be completed by the spring of 2017. The contract for delivery of the three ships has a ceiling of $514 million, according to a statement released by the government on Wednesday,,, Read the rest here 20:46

Coastal communities look to federal budget to restore coast guard cuts

Coastal communities from Parksville to Placentia are watching tomorrow’s federal budget closely for funding to restore the cuts to coast guard services that have closed bases across the country, putting communities at risk. “Our communities rely on the coast guard. Seconds matter when there’s an emergency, but Prime Minister Harper is gutting our coast guard services,” said Keith Sullivan, President of Unifor’s Fish, Food, and Allied Workers (FFAW). Read the rest here 20:27

Canadian Coast Guard goes high-tech – Communications system worth $50m has been installed in Halifax, N.L.

The Canadian Coast Guard’s new $50-million communications system has been installed in Halifax after five years of development. It is a massive project that the coast guard is saying will be revolutionary. It has also been tied to controversy because the system was cited as a justification for cutting almost half of the regional communications centres across Canada. In recent weeks, the new system was installed in Halifax and Placentia, N.L. Read the rest here 10:52

Canadian Coast Guard Inaugurates CCGS Leim

The Canadian Coast Guard inaugurated its newest near-shore fisheries research vessel CCGS LeimCCGS Leim on 26 August. The vessel was named in honour of the late Dr. Alexander Henry Leim, a DFO scientist who dedicated his life to fisheries research. 07:39

Coast Guard software glitch leaves Arctic mariners in the cold

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2If you’re a mariner heading out on Arctic waters, don’t rely on the Canadian Coast Guard for help in an emergency. Technical glitches in a new communications system means your call may or may not be received. Read more here 10:46