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Digby DFO find short and berried lobster and unhailed halibut, clammers get hit also

In Parker’s Cove on July 21 they found 21 short lobster in a fisherman’s catch. At the Digby wharf on July 29, they found eight berried lobsters and three shorts in a fisherman’s catch. And on July 30, they found four shorts and one berried lobster in a fisherman’s catch in Parker’s Cove. DFO also seized a truck and all the fishing gear on a vessel at the Harbourville wharf, after they found a fisherman unloading halibut without a monitor. The DFO officers also seized 200 pounds of halibut which was sold at auction for $1,593. They also seized another,,, Read the rest here

UNE researcher gets $1.7M grant to aid fishing industry – will research the mortality rate of winter skates

A federal agency has awarded a University of New England researcher and his colleagues $1.7 million for a research project they hope will help increase revenues for the fishing industry. “If our proposed study is as successful as our previous otter trawl project, it could result in increased revenues to the commercial fishing industry,” Read more here 16:05

Canada’s trawlers drastically cut bycatch, why can’t Alaska’s?

Sometimes there’s big money to be made prolonging a problem. One short sentence sums up nearly 20 years of work by the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council on trawl bycatch. During the February 1997 meeting of the NPFMC a representative from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans gave a presentation on how that country reduced trawl bycatch while catching ALL of its trawl quota. Read more here 18:00

Ottawa withholding reports on B.C. wild salmon

Published – Key scientific documents needed before the department of Fisheries and Oceans can implement its plan to save British Columbia’s wild salmon have been held up in Ottawa for a year. The documents, concerning sockeye conservation units on the Fraser River, were withheld from the Cohen Commission even though they were substantially ready for release at the time the federal inquiry was under way. continued

U.S. Coast Guard, Canada partner to curb illegal fishing in the Pacific Ocean (SitNews)

(SitNews) – The U.S. Coast Guard and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently conducted joint patrols of the high seas under Operation Drift Net which took place from Sep. 19 to Oct. 6. Coast Guard cutters and Canadian aircraft patrolled the international waters off Japan in an effort to locate vessels engaged in large-scale high seas drift net fishing. This practices employs the use of miles upon miles of net constructed of mono-filament line that indiscriminately catch all sea life in their path including whales, dolphins, sea turtles and seabirds. The fishermen are known to target high value species such as sharks, tuna and salmon.,,,,,,,,,,Read More.