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Appleyard: Pensacola’s fishing industry had a few odd twists

Northwest Florida’s economic history usually places illustrations on the years 1870 to 1965, when over time three large organizations plied the fishing trade. During those years the Sewell Cobb firm, Warren Fish Company and the E.E. Sanders and Company became sizable employers, using a total of as many as 60 well-built smacks for a trade that took the skilled lineman far into the gulf, often off the coast of Mexico. This trade became possible when local ice production provided practical cooling for the fish-filled box cars, the cars coming, of course, when the L&N Railroad’s trackage would bring the fresh-iced fish to markets to the north. Usually the industry is detailed within those factors; however, there were two other tales that illustrated the ingenuity of men in their desire to earn a dollar. click here to read the story 19:02

Canadians hook into technology to renew their fishing licences

YARMOUTH — The licence renewal process for thousands of Canadian fishermen just got easier. “We moved to an online approach where the harvesters go through the Internet,” said Stefan Leslie, regional director of fisheries management with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. continued