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Fishermen’s union takes fight to Minister Tootoo, story and video

hunter-tootooThe United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union is hoping residents of Prince Rupert can dust off their pens, stamps and notebooks and put them to good use in the coming days. The union (UFAWU-Unifor) was hard at work last fall, rallying North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen, the City of Prince Rupert and the District of Port Edward to support them after ), a division of the Jim Pattison Group announced the closure of salmon canning operations at its Oceanside Plant. While they received sympathetic voices in all those representatives, mayors and council members, UFAWU is taking the fight federally. Read the article here 12:08

Prince Rupert Reacts to Job Losses at CANFISCO

canfisco%20(1)“A slap in the face” That’s what union executives are calling the cuts to the salmon canning industry in Prince Rupert. The union representing says it will be fighting Canfisco’s decision to end operations at its Oceanside plant. A dark day for workers in the salmon canning industry — as they receive news that they’ll soon be without a job. Executives of the union representing fishermen and allied workers met with its members today to explain details surrounding the imminent closure to salmon canning operations at Canfisco’s oceanside plant. Read the rest here 10:47

Why successful salmon season spells trouble for BC fishermen

Commercial salmon fishermen in Prince Rupert spent three days tied to the dock last week, forgoing fishery openings, in protest of a drop in salmon prices.  “The fishermen are pissed!” said seine boat skipper Darrell Enger. “They [Canfisco] just dropped the price without any warning.  [email protected]