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Annual East Coast seal hunt starts amid ongoing court case and trade challenge

HALIFAX – The annual East Coast seal hunt starts Monday against a backdrop of ongoing trade and court challenges in Europe and renewed claims from animal welfare groups that the 400-year-old industry is dead in the water. Read more here 19:07

John Ivison: EU stand against Canadian seal hunt is both illegal and hypocritical

The EU failed to make a prima facie case that the seal ban was justified under WTO rules “necessary to protect … animal … life or health.” Yet, while the WTO said the ban undermines international trade obligations, it said it was justified under “public moral concerns” over animal welfare. Canada is set to appeal that decision this month, for all the good it is likely to do. It is apparent that the facts don’t matter. They have been replaced by popular delusion and the madness of crowds. Read [email protected]  16:09