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Why China just may be the seal hunt’s last hope

If you’re looking for the new Always in Vogue location, it’s just around the corner from Sephora in the mall. Except that the mall is not in St. John’s, where Always in Vogue is best known for its boutique on Water Street. Rather, this mall is in Shenyang, in northern China, the country that is the new hope for an industry that’s seen better days. If St. John’s-based company PhocaLux International’s gamble pays off, next year’s harvest will be significantly greater. Read the article here 10:08

Erecting old Markets, Plan calls for revival of seal penis sales

Sales of Canadian seal products could get a lift if the federal Fisheries Department adopts a plan that, among other things, calls for the revival of the controversial seal penis trade, a key supporter of the East Coast seal hunt says.  says its five-year plan, dated March 2014, focuses on creating markets for a number of products that could be derived using every part of the seal carcass. Officials at the Fisheries Department declined an interview, but said in an emailed response that they were considering the report. Read the rest here 10:07

Seal hunt inhumane? How about a bullfight? – The hypocrisy of the European Union’s ban on Canadian seal products

The European Union, as you’re probably aware, bans all seal products from Canada. Last year, the European Unionappeals process upheld an earlier ruling that the EU’s seal regime is “necessary to protect public morals.” There are exceptions for European travellers who buy seal products in other countries, but I didn’t want to take a chance. The ban has always seemed to me to be a hypocritical policy, but never more so, than after an unforgettable day in Madrid — a bullfight at Las Ventas Bullring. Video, Read the rest here 09:40

Annual East Coast seal hunt starts amid ongoing court case and trade challenge

HALIFAX – The annual East Coast seal hunt starts Monday against a backdrop of ongoing trade and court challenges in Europe and renewed claims from animal welfare groups that the 400-year-old industry is dead in the water. Read more here 19:07

Seal product ban in Europe upheld by WTO panel – Video

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2A World Trade Organization panel today upheld a European ban against Canadian seal products, even though it found the European Union had also violated international trade rules. [email protected] 11:31