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Could a seal cull help cod recover? It’s not so simple, scientist says

The equation seems simple: seals eat fish, fish are declining, kill the seals, fish recover. But experts warn that many factors need to be considered before drastic measures are taken. With talk revived about ending the recreational fishery, some believe a seal would be a more effective way to help cod stocks recover. But is a cull the answer to our fish stock problem? (HELL YEAH!) Eldred Woodford of the Canadian Sealers Association is taking an even stronger stance, and calling for an all-out seal cull.,, Alejandro Buren, a research scientist at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, says many factors are at play when looking at food web relationships. >click to read<20:28

Mandatory Humane Harvesting Training for the Seal Fishery

csaDFO reminds all commercial Sealers that Humane Harvesting Training on the three-step process is mandatory for all commercial Seal licence holders prior to participating in the 2015 season and in any future Sealing seasons. In order to renew a Sealing licence for the 2015 Seal harvesting season, all Sealers must have renewed their 2014 licence and also must have successfully completed the mandatory Humane Harvesting Training on the three-step process. Read the rest here19:56

Why this Newfoundland chef is hungry for controversy with ‘delicious’ seal meat

sealdinner01lf2Chef Todd Perrin’s got a challenge on his hands. Convincing people to eat seal, one of the world’s most controversial ingredients, is not a simple task. Read more here  globeandmail 13:49

‘Seals Hero’ anti-seal hunt app for iPhone and iPad users has the Canadian Sealers Association describing it as being based on lies..

The creators of ‘Seals Hero’ say the game is meant to be a fun way to educate people about what it calls a serious issue: “Each year, hunters bludgeon to death hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals.” Read more here  cbcnews 11:58 Mind control of the non producers!

Pam Anderson’s $1M offer to end hunt a farce, sealing head says

CBC_News_logoThe president of the Canadian Sealers Association says the latest move by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) to end the seal hunt is nothing but a farce and a publicity stunt. [email protected]  11:28

Newfoundland Seal hunt described as best in years – Eco Based Management anyone?

This year’s commercial seal hunt off Newfoundland is being called a success despite relatively low yields, ongoing protest by animal welfare groups and international product bans. Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International Canada, “The sealing industry has become nothing more than a glorified welfare program.” continued

Seal hunt off Newfoundland called best in years as protesters push for its end

Canadian Press – Frank Pinhorn, executive director of the Canadian Sealers Association, says about 91,000 harp seals were landed this spring. That’s far short of the federal quota of 400,000 but an increase over 69,000 last year and 38,000 in 2011. Pinhorn says the price for the best pelts was also up to about $35 from $28 last year. “This was probably the best year we’ve had since maybe 2008-09,” he said in an interview. “The seals were of good quality, and they’re all following the regulations in terms of harvesting — humane harvest and quality harvesting,” he said of sealers. continued