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Ecologist disputes Donkin Mine ocean test fears

The longer Kameron Coal gives in to public pressure and delays its controversial plan to conduct sub-ocean floor surveying near the Donkin Mine, the longer Cape Bretoners will have to wait to find work there, says a Nova Scotia marine ecologist. “The reason they laid off 49 people this month is that they’re not going to be mining any more coal until they sort this out,” said Bruce Hatcher, chairman of Marine Ecosystem Research at Cape Breton University.,, Hatcher claims both Fisheries and Oceans and the company have been misleading fishermen into believing the proposed two-week project will include conventional seismic testing, which comparatively poses much more of a threat to ocean ecosystems. click here to read the story 09:20

Innovation competition seeks solutions in Nova Scotia’s seafood industry

Louisbourg Seafoods and Cape Breton University have teamed up to launch a competition that aims to crowdsource solutions to problems facing Nova Scotia’s billion-dollar fishing industry. The inaugural SEA++ competition, launched at CBU’s Verschuren Centre for Sustainability for Energy and the Environment last week, has placed more than $5,000 prize money up for grabs. Contestants have until Feb. 9 to register ideas capable of growing NS aquaculture, improving the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the province’s fixed and mobile fishing infrastructure; enhancing how well its fishing industry works at an enterprise level and also boosting its ability to develop and sell new products. Read the articles here 17:10

Cape Breton fish processor seeks new products from waste

A fish processor is spending $3 million and teaming up with researchers at Cape Breton University to turn its waste into new products. Kennedy Group of Companies, which owns Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd. and several other plants, wants to know if its fish wastewater can be transformed into something marketable. “Like the pieces of shell from the shrimp, the shrimp meat, the by-products of the proteins, all these oils, salts, that are flushed out into the harbour.” Read the rest here 10:04