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I.U.U. Fishing/The latest supposed ocean crisis/All the news that’s fit to print?

Nils Stolpe/FishNet USA – Over the past several years there has been much discussion, debate, posturing, misrepresentation, exaggeration and incipient empire building on and around the subject of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Most of this has been driven by ENGOs and the mega-foundations that support them because they have all of these fish saviors on the payroll with, since the demise of overfishing, not an awful lot to do. Not surprisingly the Obama administration has been complicit in this. Starting out with a point of clarification, IUU fishing is, or should be, a concern in some areas of the world’s oceans – but for reasons that I’ll get to an a bit, it isn’t, or shouldn’t be, in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In spite of this you can bet dollars to donuts that that’s where all of the ENGOs will be focusing their IUU efforts, because it’s a lot more comfortable, convenient and safe to assault domestic fishermen from their cushy digs in Philadelphia or Washington DC than from some tropical or sub-tropical Hell hole where most of the IUU activity is based. And, I’m sure the feeling in those cushy digs in Philadelphia and Washington is that the public and the pols aren’t sophisticated enough to realize this, and in all likelihood – thanks to the mega-million dollar PR juggernaut that is backstopping their efforts – never will be. To read the complete article, click here 15:15

Fisheries trust helps local clammers

Eastham fisherman Scott Nolan, 57, mortgaged his home, used all his retirement savings and took out loans to buy the 80-foot New Bedford fish dragger and refit it with the massive apparatus needed to go sea clamming. He had been fishing it since only this spring. [email protected]  05:18

Cod quotas slashed on Cape Cod

As of Wednesday cod quotas for Cape Cod fishermen have been  slashed 61 percent on Georges Bank and 77 percent in the Gulf of Maine (north of  Provincetown). The bad news is they’ll hardly notice it. “The reality is we were at those levels the last fishing  year. We’ve already taken the cuts. We can’t find codfish,” observed Tom Dempsey  the Policy Director for the Cape Cod Commercial Hook-fishermen’s  Association. continued


Cash catch: Loan program launched for local fisherman – wickedlocal.com

BREWSTER —The Community Development Partnership has been working to provide affordable  housing and to help small businesses get started and keep going for years, but  now it’s dropped anchor in a new field: fishing.The partnership has $250,000 available for loan to small fishermen on Cape  Cod to be used to purchase allocations of groundfish, skate or monkfish. The money came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  which awarded,,,,,,,, $1 million