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Nova Scotians eager to crack lobster caper

banner-ratSmall fishing villages along Nova Scotia’s southern shore are buzzing over a whodunit involving 48 crates of pricey, premium-grade lobster that were hauled out of an ocean-based pen in a brazen night-time heist. Theories are swirling among fishermen and residents around Cape Sable Island about how someone made off with dozens of heavy plastic crates that were packed with high-grade lobsters valued at up to $31,000.“Everybody’s talking about it,” said RCMP Cpl. Mike O’Callaghan, who has been investigating the unusual caper since the company holding the crustaceans noticed they were gone last week. Read the article here 15:04

Nova Scotia fisherman concerned about recent thefts of live lobster

A Nova Scotia lobster fisherman says he is troubled by the recent thefts of roughly 2,700 kilograms of live lobster in the province. Hubert Saulnier, a former president of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union Local 9, says the valuable crustaceans were someone’s livelihood and a lot of work and money went into catching them. The RCMP say 48 crates of live lobster, more than 2,100 kilograms, were stolen from an outdoor pound at a business on Cape Sable Island early Wednesday. Read the rest here 18:45

UPDATED – Five rescued from sinking fishing boat off Cape Sable Island

Five people were rescued from a sinking fishing vessel off Clark’s Harbour on Thursday evening. The canadian coast guardreceived a call at about 7:30 p.m. that the vessel was taking on water. The five people managed to get aboard a second fishing vessel, which took them to shore at nearby West Head on Cape Sable Island. A coast guard vessel escorted the second fishing vessel to shore. “Everybody’s safe on shore now,” said coast guard spokesman Steve Bornais.  Read the article here 11:46

Province to consider lobster plant proposal in Cape Sable Island


The proponents of a new lobster processing plant in Cape Sable Island will be meeting with the Economic Development Minister Graham Steele at the end of this month in an effort to leverage provincial funding for the project. [email protected]