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Destroyed tuna vessel Laurie Ann towed to Salisbury 

The Laurie Ann, a 35-foot-long tuna boat that sank in the mouth of the Merrimack River Monday evening in rough seas, is back above water but its days as a seaworthy vessel appear to be over.  Wednesday evening the vessel was towed back to shore and hauled out by a TowBoatUS crew, an operation that took roughly six hours. Afterward, the boat was trucked to the Salisbury Industrial Park off Rabbit Road where its owner, Stan Kench, works, according to Mike Goodridge of TowBoatUS.  Kench was one of two men onboard the vessel when it capsized in choppy water around 7 p.m. Monday. Both men were thrown from the boat and sustained minor injuries. The capsizing was witnessed by a good Samaritan aboard the Lady Suzanne who radioed the Coast Guard for help and then plucked the two men from the water.  Read the story here 08:36

Fishermen urged to wear lifejackets in new safety campaign

image Wicklow fishermen Gerald Copeland and David Massey,Whelk fisherman David Massey knew he was wearing no ordinary lifejacket when he hit the water unexpectedly about 11km off the coast of Wicklow in April last year. His personal flotation device (PFD) was fitted with an emergency beacon which would inform the rescue authorities of his precise location, his name, his address and his next-of-kin. “Still, I thought we were gone,” the 42-year-old, originally from Co Limerick, said. Mr Massey was one of three crew on the MFV Lavicca, which capsized off the Wicklow coast on April 15th, 2015. Read the article here 19:12

Commercial fisherman remembers 3 colleagues who died when their boat, the Caledonian, capsized

A crew member from the sister ship of the one that capsized off Vancouver Island over the weekend, is speaking out about the loss of three men and the decision that saved a fourth man’s life.  “They were good, hardworking family-loving men who unfortunately aren’t going to make it home tonight,” said one fisherman who did not want to be identified. He has worked on both and its sister ship, the Viking Storm. The Caledonian is the boat that capsized. Captain Wes Hegglend and two other crew members died when the Caledonian experienced what is believed to be some kind of stabilization issue and capsized. Video interview Read the rest here 07:21

B.C. tragedy as 3 fisherman drown off Tofino, one survives

The fishing boat, the Caledonian, with four fishermen onboard capsized in Pacific Ocean waters off of the town of Tofino on Vancouver Island Saturday. Three of them are dead and one survivor was plucked from the waters. Navy Lt. Nicole Murillo with the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre said the survivor revealed that the men were hauling in a net with a large catch in it when the 33-metre boat listed over into the water; the survivor said they knew the situation was dangerous but were unable to get the ship back upright. “They tried to correct it,” Lt. Murillo said. “But unfortunately the ship capsized and subsequently sunk.” Read the rest here 09:45

Thankful fisherman kept faith after vessel capsized

Even when he was dressed in a survival suit and kneeling on the hull of a sinking ship, veteran fisherman Lee d’Entremont said he was never scared for his life. “I never thought I wasn’t going to make it home,” the 47-year-old said during a telephone interview from his home in Lower West Pubnico, Yarmouth County, on Monday afternoon. He and two other fishermen and a fisheries observer were aboard the 20-metre Poseidon Princess that capsized and quickly sank early Saturday morning about 100 kilometres south of Yarmouth. Read the rest here 16:25