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Letter: Why Richard Gillett went on a hunger strike. ” In my opinion he is a brave man,,,”

April 13th, Richard Gillett went on a hunger strike because he felt that rural Newfoundland and Labrador was facing a bleak future due to the mismanagement of oceans that had sustained us for 500 years. Richard had two requests: one for a review of the science and management of all provincial fish stocks, the other a review of the relationship of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Those are two very legitimate questions.,, In my opinion he is a brave man who is concerned about this province and has done more than anyone since the moratorium to bring to the forefront the state of our oceans. Click here to read Capt. Wilfred Bartlett, retired, letter 17:41

Seal hunt should be encouraged, not shut down

We have an exploding seal population, our crab and shrimp stocks are declining at a fast rate, our caplin are at an all-time low and our cod stocks are not developing as fast as they should. The anti-sealing groups are condemning our seal hunt and one of their reasons is that we are not fully utilizing the animal, but let’s face facts — there is nothing that we can do to satisfy them as long as the bleeding hearts are funding them. There is no difference in killing a seal than in killing a pig, cow, sheep, chicken or any other animal.,, We have upset the balance of nature in the Atlantic Ocean and we have to work together to regain that balance. So far, I have seen the complete opposite. Read Captain Wilfred Bartlett’s letter here 11:15

Letter: No apologies for my stand on the seal hunt, Capt. Wilfred Bartlett, retired

This letter is in response to Renee Gosse’s letter in The Telegram on Jan. 9 (“Let’s stick to the facts about the seal hunt”), stating that my previous letter on the seal hunt was inflammatory and emotional. For that, I do not apologize. This is an industry that I have been involved in all my life, a very important industry for Newfoundland and Labrador. The language I used could be used by a Sunday school teacher compared to the language used by the anti-sealing groups over the years, such as “barbarians”, “murderers”, etc. Gosse stated that there was a time when the seal hunt was an economically important industry in this province, and would still be; the trouble is, people like her have destroyed the markets worldwide and certain groups run campaigns of lies and deception. Read the letter here 09:33