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Captain Paul Cohan, Gloucester: NOAA’s latest data doesn’t pass smell test

I smell a rat,,,, NOAA and its National Marine Fisheries Service stinks to high heaven,,,, If there was ever any doubt about the catastrophic effects of “catch shares” it should now be dismissed. Sectors, ITQ’s, Closures, and Consolidation, have not created conservation — instead devastation of all, well most, involved, both fish and fishermen, as well as those who depend upon them.  As much at fault, perhaps more so are the environmental non-government organization — or ENGO’s. For it was their infiltration of NOAA at the highest levels that facilitated this debacle. GDT letter <Read more here> 07:28

Letter: Fishermen well aware of enviro issues – Captain Paul Cohan, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester

gdt iconI am writing in response to the letter from Mike Dyer (“Stories show need to focus on NOAA science,” the Times, Saturday, Nov. 23). You know, Mike, It wasn’t too long ago that your quip about fishermen in denial would have been plausible, if not factual. But over the last few decades fishermen have learned a lot about the marine environment, the food chain, and ultimately, our responsibilities — being, as we are, the “master link.” [email protected] 22:13

Gloucester Daily Times Letter: Fishery time lines a recipe for failure – Captain Paul Cohan, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester Ma.

gdt iconThe Magnuson Stevens Act, as it’s currently written and interpreted by NOAA, is a lot like watching a puppy dog trying to catch his docked tail. Although amusing to watch, the impossibility of the task makes it somewhat sad and ultimately pointless. Now, if the dog’s tail had not been lopped off and was still as nature intended, the poor pup could eventually catch it. Similarly, If Magnusson had sufficient flexibility in rebuilding time-frames, and the language that requires that all stocks be concurrently rebuilt to historic highs eliminated, we might stand a chance of catching our own tails, which we’ve been fruitlessly chasing around the ocean for 37 years. [email protected] 00:55

Use the $10 Million S-K money retrieved from the pilfering NOAA as a Fuel Subsidy for the little guy’s

0001Boat owners, fishermen, net makers, icemen, fuel men, machine shop’s, welders, railway’s vessel supplier’s, electronic shop’s, are the ones that need this measly $10 million dollars, which is a drop in the bucket that NOAA owes the fishing industry in S-K money. read more

Letter: Fishermen’s aid can’t trump Sandy – Captain PAUL COHAN, F/V Sasquatch Gloucester

To the editor: While we (fishermen) have been burdened by a callous, vindictive, government agency admittedly bent on the ultimate destruction of the families, economies, and communities who are historically dependent upon fisheries, no comparison can, nor should, be made to the plight of our fellow citizens who have struggled through the ravages that Sandy left in its wake.

People who have lost houses, been left without the basic necessities of life — power, water, food, and fuel — clearly take precedence over a disaster of human origin. Read More http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x520558881/Letter-Fishermens-aid-cant-trump-Sandy