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Carbon Emissions: Beef, Lamb, Lobster or Fish?

A new study by the University of Tasmania, Australia, and Canadian scientists has found that catching most types of fish produces far less carbon per kilogram of protein than land-based alternatives such as beef or lamb. The researchers found that fisheries for small pelagic species such as anchovies and sardines emit a fraction of the carbon generated by red meat production. On average, global fisheries have a low-carbon footprint similar to that of poultry. Lead author Dr Robert Parker, now at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, said,, >click to read<16:01

Carbon Emissions Threaten The Fishing Industry By Shrinking Fish Sizes

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A team of researchers projecting carbon emissions into the future has determined that they could have a severe effect on fish populations – shrinking the size of some species by as much as 24%. That could mean a huge blow in the future to the beleaguered fishing industry. The findings were published in Nature Climate Change this week.

“We were surprised to see such a large decrease in fish size,” If its Danial Pauley and Boris Worm, there are  no surprises here!