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Coast Guard responding to report of 42 people abandoning fishing vessel 1,800 miles south of Hawaii

The Coast Guard is responding to a report of 42 people abandoning ship after their fishing vessel caught fire approximately 1,800 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands, Wednesday. The 40 crewmembers aboard 258-foot U.S.-flagged fishing vessel American Eagle abandoned ship at 10 a.m. (HST) into two life rafts, three work boats and one skiff. An emergency position-indicating radio beacon was activated and is transmitting information. Read the post here 19:54

Good Samaritan Vessels Rescue 36 from Burning Fishing Vessel in Remote Pacific

The 36-member crew of a Papua New Guinea-flagged commercial purse seiner are safe following a joint rescue by good samaritan vessels and search and rescue authorities in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean approximately 2,071 miles southwest of Hawaii. Coast Guard Watchstanders in Honolulu received a request Saturday from the Rescue Coordination Center New Zealand to provide resources after the 229-foot purse seiner Glory Pacific No. 8 reportedly caught fire in the Pacific and the full crew abandoned ship into two skiffs and several life rafts. Video, Read the rest here, and here 14:46

Russian Fishing Vessel Oleg Naydenov catch’s fire, sink’s off Gran Canaria accused of illegal fishing

Shortly after the Russian-flagged fishing vessel Oleg Naydenov sank south of Gran Canaria after catching fire, allegations about its involvement in illegal fishing activities and revocation of its catch permits came into light. According to the NGO Greenpeace, this 100 metre-long trawler had the fishing permits in Senegal revoked, as it is a country that had also accused it of overfishing pelagic resources in waters for which it lacked authorization. Read the rest here 20:25

2 escape burning lobster boat off Wells, Maine

Two crew members of the 36-foot lobster boat Miss Ellie escaped safely after the boat caught fire off the coast of Wells just before 8 a.m. Wednesday. continued