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Makeup of N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission board invites political intrigue

State law authorizes a Marine Fisheries Commission to set policies governing the harvest of the state’s fish stock. It also says the commission is supposed to treat commercial and recreational interests fairly. But the commission was designed in such a manner that a balancing act between the two competing interests on the board is all but impossible.The board’s makeup also lends itself to political intrigue in the appointment of members by the governor. The problem lies in how the nine seats are allocated. Read the rest here 08:11

Dirty Politics – High rollers, big names back CCA agenda across U.S. & N.C.

“The CCA has nothing to do with conservation unless you consider sport fishermen having all of a certain species allocated to themselves as conservation.” Those are the words of author Robert Fritchey, who wrote the definitive book tracing the history of the Coastal Conservation Association, titled “Wetland Riders”. The CCA traces its roots to Texas in 1977 and was originally founded by mostly wealthy anglers in Houston. Fritchey ticked off the names of those early leaders in the first chapter: Read the rest here 07:27

CCA Maryland: Don’t increase harvest of striped bass

“As you are undoubtedly aware, the 2013 striped bass stock assessment projects declines in the spawning stock biomass,” the letter read. “CCA Maryland is intensely concerned by these projections and uncertainties and find them particularly troubling in light of the fact that 2011 was the only relatively strong spawning year Maryland has recorded out of the last six.” [email protected]  05:19