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From “Deadliest Catch” to ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ – Will Sig Hanson stay a Captain, or be just another washed up Green Horn?

Sig Hansen may be great in the Bering Sea, but how about in the chilly “Celebrity Apprentice” boardroom? Basically, he is going from Alaska to one of the most-populated places in the world for this competition. This competition could be tough for Sig, but almost from a sociological perspective, we are interested to see how he fares in the boardroom alongside celebrities with giant egos. Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season debuts on NBC on January 4. Read the rest here 16:00

“Deadliest Catch” Skipper Sig Hanson will be a contestant on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice.”

NBC on Tuesday announced the lineup of 16 personalities who will compete for their favorite charities as the reality show returns for a new season in the boardroom with Donald Trump on Jan. 4. Read the rest here 10:37