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Censored Maine Fishermen Seek Assurances that Searsport Dredging Won’t Harm Bay

“My name is David Black and I’m from Belfast and I fish in this area out here. Wayne fishes beside me. We are the face of the destruction that this might cause out here.” Black says he worries the material will harm the bay’s fisheries. And he says state and federal regulators have not been listening to fishermen’s concerns.  “I went to a hearing on the dredging for the Department of Marine Resources in Searsport about three weeks ago,” he says, “and I wanted to make comments about the disposal site out here, and I was told that my comments were not appropriate – I could not make comments on this disposal site.” Read the rest here 08:31

Canada’s Environment minister would not comment Monday on the results of a survey commissioned to determine the extent to which government scientists are censored.

The online survey was commissioned by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) and hosted by Environics Research. Of the 15,398 PIPSC members, including scientists, researchers and engineers, invited to participate in the survey, 4,069 responded between June 5 and 19. [email protected] 22:51