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Fishermen’s Views of a Changing Ocean – Is it your view?

But for commercial fishermen,*  is not a future economic problem: It is a problem right now, and it is costing fisherman both income and jobs. Is it? From the pdf version, The breakdown of those interviewed. 146 ground fishermen, 163 Mass lobstermen, = approx. 10% of Mass fishermen and lobstermen combined. 262 Me. lobstermen = approx. 5% Maine lobstermen. Read the rest here  pdf version here with interesting citations, Pauly,  Pappalardo, etc. 17:43

Pacific fishing interests oppose Obama’s plan to expand marine reserve – I mean, What the Hell is an Extra 700,000 Square Miles anyway?!!!

“Fishing for tunas mean there are fewer tunas,” Norse said in an interview, adding that the millions of seabirds that nest and forage in the area depend on the area’s tuna population. “We would like there to be more tunas in this ecosystem, because they play an important role in that ecosystem.” Must be seabirds eat tuna!  Read more here 16:51