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CSF proposes cooperative trawl survey program

Below you can read the prospectus CSF has developed and is putting forth as a good-faith attempt to solve some of the persistent challenges constraining the New England groundfishery. This paper will be widely circulated and it is our hope that the meeting with all fishery stakeholders that we are currently proposing will open a dialogue among the parties and produce better outcomes for all with an interest in preserving our fish and our fishermen. Read the rest here 08:50

In the News -SMAST Prof. Emeritus Brian Rothschild Named Hjort Scholar

wp_brian_rothschild_7sep1-227x300SMAST Prof. Emeritus Brian Rothschild has been appointed a Hjort Scholar by the Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics, Bergen, Norway. According to the appointment letter, recipients of Hjort Scholarships are “… scientists whose research is deemed to promote scientific innovation and understanding of marine ecosystem dynamics.” He is currently President and CEO of the Center for Sustainable Fisheries (CSF), a science-based, non-profit organization “devoted to the onservation of our fisheries resources and the economic development of our fishing communities.” Read the rest here 12:06