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Shelving shrimp: Inside Katsheshuk II, OCI’s $8-million bet on groundfish

For years the Katsheshuk II hauled in shrimp off the shores of Newfoundland. The ship caught, processed and froze the shrimp to be sent to customers. But shrimp stocks have shrunk, leaving Ocean Choice International with too many boats for too small a quota, so the company is spending $8 million to convert the ship. “The shellfish resources are declining but in general, some exceptions, groundfish is increasing,” says Blaine Sullivan, the chief operating officer for OCI. The Katsheshuk II is being overhauled so it can start fishing for groundfish. The industry is hoping for the eventual return of cod, but in the near future it will be other species. click here to read the story 13:57

Katsheshuk Fisheries fined $90K for incident that killed worker

A St. John’s court has fined Katsheshuk Fisheries $90,000 for occupational health and safety charges laid after a man was killed on a shrimp trawler two years ago. Aaron Cull, 25, was killed in February 2012 when a metal door on a holding tank fell on his neck while he was working on the trawler . Cull’s father, Kenneth Cull, was on board the Katsheshuk II when the accident occurred; he was one of the first people to reach his son. Read more here 07:53

Charges against OCI withdrawn in death on CF/V Katsheshuk II

The Crown has withdrawn eight charges laid against Ocean Choice International Inc. under the Occupational Health and Safety Act related to a death aboard a fishing vessel two years ago. A St. Anthony man, 25, died aboard the Katsheshuk II in February 2012 when a small steel door in the hold of the ship slammed on his neck. Read [email protected]  12:09

Ocean Choice International (OCI) charged with 8 violations in connection with 2012 death

Ocean Choice International (OCI) has been charged with violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations in connection with the death of a worker onboard a shrimp trawler almost two years ago. The fatal incident happened on board the Katsheshuk II while it was en route from the Funk Island Bank to Bay Roberts in February 2012.  Read [email protected]  10:46

Unsafe work environment led to death at sea, TSB finds – 25-year-old St. Anthony man killed aboard Katsheshuk II in 2012

A lack of training, a broken piece of equipment, and overall unsafe work conditions led to the death of a crewmember on a fishing vessel,,, [email protected]  Marine Investigation Report M12N0003 Link