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FISH-NL calls on province to lift restrictions on outside buyers; challenges FFAW to outline its stand

The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL) has proposed that the provincial government lift all restrictions and allow out-of-province buyers into the provincial marketplace for all species. “An open and free market in the fishing industry would, at best, result in increased competition and more money in the pockets of fish harvesters,” says Ryan Cleary, President of FISH-NL. “At worst, it would keep local buyers honest.” Cleary made the proposal in a letter this week to Steve Crocker, Minister of Fisheries, Forestry and Agrifoods. FISH-NL also proposes that restrictions be lifted on local fish buyers to permit them to buy all species. FISH-NL’s proposal was made following an intensive, province-wide consultation with thousands of fish harvesters, whose support for out-of-province buyers is unanimous. “Fish harvesters and fish harvesters alone drive the agenda of FISH-NL,” said Cleary, “and harvesters across the province have been unanimous is saying that outside buyers should be allowed in.” FISH-NL is attempting to break harvesters away from the FFAW into their own separate union, and the consultation was part of the certification drive. The FFAW has failed to raise the issue of outside buyers because of their obvious conflict of interest in representing both harvesters and plant workers under the one umbrella.  “With the decline of crab and shrimp and the growing reliance on resurging ground fish, it’s critical that harvesters be paid the highest possible price for their catch,” said Cleary. “That can only happen if the door is open to outside buyers.” 09:38

Fish-NL – Ryan Cleary challenges FFAW to allow independent audit

ryan-cleary-becomes-a-toryAspiring labour leader Ryan Cleary has issued a challenge to the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union, saying he will walk away from his movement if the FFAW will allow an independent audit of its finances. But the union says that’s already being done. It’s the latest tactic by Cleary in his bid to form a new union exclusively for Newfoundland and Labrador fish harvesters, to be called the Federation of Independent Seafood Harvesters, or FISH-NL, and comes as the head of the Canadian Labour Congress strongly condemns Cleary’s efforts. “I will walk away from Fish-NL, I will walk away from this movement, period, if the FFAW agrees to allow a third party to go in and do a forensic audit of the FFAW, all government money going in, all fees that fish harvesters pay in,” Cleary told CBC News Tuesday. Cleary quickly added it’s a challenge he doesn’t expect will be accepted because “they have too much to hide.” The FFAW responded with a statement saying Cleary’s challenge is mute, because the union is already audited by an independent firm. Read the story here 13:32