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Oregon and South Carolina lawmakers protect U.S. Coast Guard air stations in Newport and in Charleston

A provision included in the U.S. Coast Guard Reauthorization Act of 2015 will keep the air station in Newport open for at least two more years. U.S. Coast Guard air stations in Newport and in Charleston, South Carolina, would be protected for another two years under a bill moving through Congress. Oregon and South Carolina lawmakers had won a one-year reprieve for the air stations after the Coast Guard targeted the posts last year for closure because of budget constraints. Read the article here 15:44

This Week in Print – Did you know Charleston once produced scallops?

EP-151129873.jpg&Maxw=600&Q=90In 1978, Mount Pleasant was a sleepy little town, with very little to report on to include crime. So the article about a nine and ten year old being charged with attempted breaking and entering might bring quite a few chuckles. But the boys were caught on Easter Sunday, crowbar in hand, trying to pry open the vending machines at a Coleman Boulevard service station. An employee there caught them and detained them until the police got there. Police Chief Chuck Dawley told the Moultrie News that despite their age,,, Read the article here 10:48

Charleston Marina: Annual Blessing of the Fleet on Monday

CHARLESTON — Memorial Day activities in Charleston will focus on the annual Blessing of the Fleet and Memorial Service at the Charleston Fisherman’s Memorial Garden, near the launch ramp at the Charleston Marina, at 10 a.m. Monday, May 26. This year the Charleston community will add 11 names to the “In Memory of Charleston Fisherman” plaque. Read more here  17:38