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Charleston Fishing Families launches fund to assist families of fishermen in need

chareston-fishing-family-fundOver the weekend, Charleston Fishing Families held a ceremony to launch their Fishermen’s Relief Fund and to present their group as an official nonprofit organization. Charleston Fishing Families says, up until a year ago, there was no relief fund for fishermen and their families when a financial emergency struck. Now members of the community can donate to the fund by buying a crab pot tag and attaching it to a net at Englund Marine. The new fishing net, along with $10,000, was awarded to Charleston Fishing Families by the Bering Sea Fisherman’s Tour. It was delivered to Charleston by a man from an Alaskan fishing crew named Terry Barkley, the brother of Jerry Barkley, the captain lost on the Patty AJ last March. Video, Read the rest of the story here 08:25

‘Charleston Fishing Families’ raising funds, donations for families of lost crab fishermen

8477731_1453422851.0027The Eagle III sank miles away from its home port in Port Orford but that hasn’t stopped people in the bay area from stepping up to support the families of those who were on board, show the fishing community is truly ‘coast-wide.’ The group is putting on a rummage sale, bake sale and silent auction fundraiser at the Coquille Tribal Community Center this weekend. They say, in a matter of days, hundreds of dollars’ worth of items were donated. “We thought this was going to be a little tiny yard sale and we were going to raise a couple hundred dollars and call it good,” Clemens explains, “and it just ballooned into something so miraculous and amazing.” Video, read the rest here 10:58