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Editorial: What fate for fishermen

130724-Al_Cattone_244x183A few weeks ago folks got a chuckle out of the fallout from Charlie Baker’s emotional story about a fisherman who felt he had ruined his sons’ lives by guiding them into the family business. Who’s laughing now? Read the rest here 08:53

Hey Charlie Baker! If You’re Going to be the Fishermen’s Governor, Recognize Who has Fought NOAA for Them

Charlie Baker, the Massachusetts Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for governor, recently waded into the debate over lobster fishing regulations Read the article,,,, Its deeper than that, Mr. Baker. Like every politician that finds themselves representing the industry, the esoteric nature of it represents a real challenge to grasp the intricacy’s of it. Coakley has been all in, Duval Patrick has not. You need a fishery advisor on staff to educate you, and your advisors. We have some recommendation’s. 10:48