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LI fishermen object to black sea bass quota deal

Fishermen critical of a recent deal to ease black-sea bass regulations demanded further state action at a fisheries meeting Tuesday, but officials said the interstate agreement was the best they could get this year. Around a dozen angry party- and charter-boat captains attended a meeting of the Marine Resources Advisory Council in Setauket Tuesday night to raise objections to the deal, which effectively nixed a planned 12 percent reduction in the state’s recreational black sea bass quota this year. They and a supporting lawmaker cited a more lenient quota for competing New Jersey fishermen, saying anglers would favor the Garden State given its earlier season open and ability to keep more fish at a smaller size. >click to read<15:20

Crying the Menhaden Blues – Charter boat captains say Commercial menhaden operations hurt business

Charter boat captains the past couple of years have found a niche fishery along the coast that has helped fill the void caused by a decline in offshore trips for marlin and tuna. But in the past week, that inshore fishery has come to a screeching halt, and captains are pointing fingers at commercial menhaden fishing operations. Companies such as Omega Protein debunk that theory in a continuation of a decades-long conflict between recreation anglers and the menhaden industry. Read the rest here 08:16