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DFO contemplating sweeping North Coast salmon fishery closure

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is strongly considering a total shutdown of all chinook and sockeye fishing on the North Coast. The potential 2018 fishing ban will include all First Nation food, social and ceremonial harvesting; all commercial operations; and all charter boat and recreational angling. Even the possibility of such a closure, several groups say, is nothing less than devastating. ,,DFO has been meeting with First Nations, recreational and commercial committees to determine if the closures for both sockeye and chinook are even avoidable.>click to read<17:51

FISHY BUSINESS: Chartering old waters a new way

There is an old joke with the premise that the best kind of boat belongs to someone else. As is the case with the best humor, there is a lot of truth to the joke. Boats are expensive and given our relatively short season in New England, the return on investment can be diminished by a few rainy weekends. One solution to this challenge is a part of the commercial fishing industry that does not immediately come to mind — charter boats. Read more here 07:47 Go with a Winner!  http://fvhardmerchandise.com/charters.html