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Feds (No EDF and Pew) complain new Red Snapper season will hurt species’ recovery

The U.S. Commerce Department says recreational anglers in the Gulf of Mexico will have 39 more days to fish federal waters for red snapper,,,However, an environmental group and a charter captains’ association estimate that private anglers will take nearly triple their allocated 3.4 million-pound (1.5 million kilogram) quota of the sport and panfish under the plan, potentially canceling next year’s recreational season entirely.,,“The current system is failing private anglers and they deserve a fix,” Mike Jennings, president of the Charter Fisherman’s Association said in a prepared statement.,,, Earlier Wednesday, his group and the Environmental Defense Fund had emailed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, asking him to delay any decision until he had good scientific estimates of the likely catch. click here to read the story 16:45

Mixon: Congress shouldn’t try to block new individual fishing quota approach

Here in the Gulf, recreational fishing is a way of life. like me make a living helping millions of tourists and sportsmen enjoy a day or weekend of fishing. But years of failed recreational management have bled us dry, damaging the coastal economy, threatening the survival of our businesses and limiting the access of recreational anglers who don’t own their own boats.  It’s long past time for the rules,,,  Read more here 19:22