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Coast Guard closes Oregon Inlet, Charter Fishermen are FURIOUS with four days left of the Blue Fin Tuna Season.

Oregon Inlet is closed to vessels drawing more than 2 feet, essentially shutting down the charter fishing fleet with four days left in the bluefin tuna season and as Easter week approaches. Petty Officer Kathryn Bruner with the Coast Guard in Wilmington said Saturday that the closing was prompted by the latest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers survey, which showed that search-and-rescue vessels can no longer get out of the inlet. Read the rest here 14:53

New Definition for Halibut Guides Could Impact Sports Fisheries

A federal agency that oversees halibut and other fish species has revised its definition of sport fishing guides, a decision that is splitting charter fishermen and could have larger impacts on sport fishing in the state. NOAA Fisheries NMFS has said the new definition aims to close a “guide-assisted” loophole that allows unguided anglers to receive help from guides working from shore or on a different boat, while still allowing them to enjoy the “generally more liberal” regulations for unguided fishermen. Read [email protected]  10:49