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Former Hawaii Gov. George Ariyoshi, Chefs Protest Marine Monument Expansion

Set against a backdrop of commercial fishing boats at Pier 38 in Honolulu, former Hawaii Gov. George Ariyoshi told a crowd of roughly 200 people Friday that they need to work together to stop the proposed expansion of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. “We should not let the federal government come in and tell us what to do with our ocean,” the 90-year-old Ariyoshi said, receiving a round of applause. It was the biggest rally to date against expanding the monument around the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Some waved signs saying “Fishing Means Food” and “MVP Most Valuable Poke.” Top chefs like Nico Chaize and George Mavrothalassitis were on hand, along with longline fishermen who object to a further encroachment on their fishing grounds. Read the rest here 18:33

Do you get tired of Chef’s that think they understand the “situation”? How much dogfish you eatin’ at home, by the way! “y’ want fry’s wi dat”??

“The fishermen have one of the worst jobs around,” said Kaldrovich, gently touching a plate of just-caught dogfish. “This is the fish that the fishermen eat at home … The more we can help, the better.” CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine — In the basement of the posh Inn by The Sea, executive chef Mitchell Kaldrovich conducts a fish fry. He fillets a piece of white fish in a skillet as flames shoot up all around. The “nice, flakey fish” turns a golden brown and the chef plates it on a bed of quinoa tabbouleh with an artistic dash of yogurt lime sauce. [email protected]  16:28