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Hunter prawn fishermen wait on Williamtown RAAF Senate inquiry on contamination

HUNTER prawn fishermen have been left on the breadline a few weeks from Christmas as a Senate inquiry into the Williamtown RAAF base contamination scandal kicks into gear. More than 20 affected prawn fishermen have been offered charity handouts for groceries and other essentials after voluntarily shutting down the local trawling industry indefinitely for fear of contamination. Latest Department of Primary Industries testing of locally caught prawns found “elevated” levels of PFOS. Prawn fisherman Kevin Radnidge said he had seen colleagues break down over the past few days as the ­reality of the situation set in. Read the article here 10:20

Calls for goodwill payments to be made for fishermen affected by Williamtown toxic leak

6908280-3x2-700x467The head of the Newcastle Commercial Fishermen’s Co-op is calling on the Department of Defence to immediately make goodwill payments to local fishermen affected by the chemical contamination originating from the Williamtown RAAF base. It has been about two months since the NSW Environment Protection Authority warned that chemicals — perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) — which were historically used in fire fighting foam at the RAAF base, had been found in surface water, groundwater and some fish species in nearby waterways. Read the rest here 08:10