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Virginia considers opening blue crab winter dredge fishery, would mean reducing daily bushel limits of hard pot crabbers

After closing the winter dredge fishery for Chesapeake blue crab for seven years straight to help the struggling stock rebuild, the state is inching closer toward reopening it this winter. The Crab Management Advisory Committee of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) voted overwhelmingly last week to recommend ending the closure — a move that actually puts the committee at odds with VMRC staff and its commissioner, who recommend keeping the ban in place. Read the rest here  07:23

Infectious Diseases Play A Part Of Declining Chesapeake Blue Crab Population

It’s almost summer. Seafood restaurants from coast-to-coast are serving platter after platter of steaming crabs, ready for hammering and picking. The supply seems endless, but is it? Not if we’re talking about blue crabs from Chesapeake Bay. Read more here 10:28