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Chile fishermen race to recapture escaped salmon that could pose risk

Chilean fishermen were working yesterday to recover hundreds of thousands of salmon that escaped from a fish farm as environmentalists warned of possible risks if they are eaten by humans, the government said. A storm on July 6 damaged nine enclosures at Marine Harvest’s Punta Redonda Center near the southern city of Calbuco, freeing at least 600,000 salmon into the wild, the company said.,,, Some of the salmon had been injected with a course of antibiotics that was incomplete at the time of their escape, making them unfit for human consumption and prompting concern by environmental groups that the fish will make it into the food chain too early. >click to read<11:15

Thousands of Chilean fishermen protest low compensation as Deadly Red Tide Blooms in Southern Chile

E28C7D6B-7BD2-4BEE-9A3C-FC242A1B4223_cx0_cy10_cw0_mw1024_mh1024_sThousands of Chilean fishermen blocked roads with barricades in the region of Los Lagos on Monday and Tuesday, saying government efforts to mitigate the economic effects of a harmful algal bloom have been insufficient. For the last four weeks, the southern-central region of Los Lagos has been plagued by what scientists say is the biggest “red tide” in its history. The red tide – an algal bloom that turns the sea water red – is a common, naturally recurring phenomenon in southern Chile, though the extent of the current outbreak is unprecedented. The government has offered to pay each affected family 100,000 pesos ($151) each in compensation, an amount fishermen have widely rejected as insufficient. Read the rest here 14:44