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A Failed petition raises question about process

“It is unreasonable to expect these fishermen to come and defend their right to earn a living.”  “It’s more than just one man,” behind the petition said Chris McCaffity, a commercial fisherman from  Morehead City . “He’s just the mouthpiece.” McCaffity added that commercial fishermen are constantly being called on to defend their industry.   “It’s one thing after another, and it’s bordering on harassment here,” he said. [email protected] 10:24

Marine Fisheries Commission will decide Aug. 29 whether to approve a petition that has received opposition from commercial fishermen, others

Chris McCaffity – SAFMC Regulatory Amendment 14 Public Comments

I am Chris McCaffity, a commercial fisherman who has been offering simple solutions that would almost eliminate the MILLION+ pounds of dead regulatory discards currently being deducted from our quotas every year. This waste has gone on for years as the council drags its collective feet on solving the problem while rushing unnecessary amendments. This waste helps EDF advance their catch share agenda as they lobby to stack the council deck with supporters of their scheme to privative our public resources.  more here