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A day in the life of Alaska’s fishery photographer, Chris Miller

Fishermen pick fish. Pollock gasp for air. A lobster trap rises to the light-filled sea surface like a treasure chest long-hidden. Juneau photographer Chris Miller’s current show, on view through the end of the month at The Rookery Café, is a watery world filled with fish, boats, and the people that make their living from them. “Fishing is kind of my niche,” Miller said. “There’s not a lot of us out there that do it (photograph fisheries) consistently. Every fishery has its own story.” With a background in photojournalism, it’s those stories Miller’s interested in telling. Read the article here  06:53

This guy takes a mean photo and tells a Hell of a story. Chris Miller, Juneau, Alaska

photo-Chris Miller

When we started fisherynation.com, one of the early posts was about Chris Miller and his photo-journalism. I was poking around and ran into his blog again, and I couldn’t help but feel the need to share it with you. This guy is an artist. If you like fishing photos, you’ll love these! BH  http://csmphotos.wordpress.com/