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Factory trawlers praised for halibut conservation

alaska-halibut__frontWhat a difference a year makes for the halibut bycatch controversy in the Bering Sea at the December meetings of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in Anchorage. The flatfish factory trawlers, vilified for much of this year, reported vigorous and voluntary efforts at halibut conservation, and even received praise from the Pribilofs. Their zeal was prompted by what might be termed resolution number two-by-four of the fish council last summer, which slashed halibut bycatch by 25 percent. “I’m glad what is happening now is happening,” said Swetzof, who was furious when the issue first arose last year,,, Read the article here 18:32

Alaska’s Flatfish Trawl Fleet is an Important Economic Contributor Committed to Reducing Halibut Bycatch

By Chris Woodley  – With recent evidence showing a possible decrease in the Bering Sea halibut allocation this year, there has been a growing concern about Halibut bycatch, and discard discard mortality, ad what to do about it. Both groundfish, and halibut fishermen will be affected by the outcomes. Read the rest here 11:43