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Unalaska city council ducks halibut bycatch issue


When Mayor Shirley Marquardt goes to bat for the industrial fishing fleet in the struggle over halibut bycatch next month in Sitka, she won’t be speaking on behalf of the Unalaska City Council. The city council did vote to pay her way to the meeting, but avoided the halibut bycatch issue. The fish versus fish battle puts halibut one side, facing off against yellowfin sole, turbot, flounder and other flatfish, and Pacific ocean perch, sold mainly in Asia by the Seattle-based distant water fleet. Read the rest here  18:46 This revealing article has miraculously, disappeared!

Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and City Council Decry ‘Fish Stealing’

   Last night the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and City Council gathered for a joint work session to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to both governing bodies. One item on the agenda was a fisheries update from Kodiak fishery advisor and a former member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, Denby Lloyd. He spoke about a number of fishery items, including a recent incident involving what has been called alleged “fish stealing.” continued