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Fishing Catch Share restructure a ‘shambles’ in New South Wales!

i-can-t-keep-calm-cuz-i-m-going-insaneAttempts to prepare fishers for the share trading program of the NSW fishing industry restructure are a shambles says a local industry representative. Clarence River Fishermen’s Cooperative general manager Danielle Adams, attended a mock or pre-trading share program session in Maclean on Tuesday, where she said it was obvious the NSW Department of Primary Industries was clueless about the direction it was taking the industry. “Most attendees including myself left the session disappointed, angrier, dismayed, some distraught, and with many more questions than when we came,” Ms Adams said. The sessions were part of border-to-border training for fishers to prepare them for the opening of share trading. “The trainer was not from DPI/Fisheries, an obvious ploy to avoid having to answer pertinent questions,” she said. She said the inclusion of mental health line numbers in the DPI’s literature showed the department was aware of impacts it could have. “On seeking further clarification individuals were told to call Beyond Blue or a mental health line,” she said.  “Imagine calling the DPI line to gain clarification on your financial future and being told they don’t have the answers but being given a mental health number to call instead – they are aware of the toll this process is taking. Read the story here 20:09

The NSW Musical Chair Catch Share game – Clarence River fishers have rejected it unanimously

f06496c07730c1f1674eee328577202bClarence River fishers have rejected the latest State Government attempt to restructure their industry. After mulling over Department of Primary Industry restructure information packages sent out a few weeks ago, a meeting including 50 fishers voted unanimously to reject the proposals. The vote occurred at an information/update meeting on the NSW Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program (BAP) for Clarence River and Region 2 Commercial Fishermen on Tuesday at the Harwood Hall. The fishermen, Clarence River Fishermen’s Cooperative directors and management, the Professional Fishermen’s Association and the Wild Caught Fishers Association met to put the contents of the DPI information packages under the microscope. Read the story here 16:55 Watch this video.