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Clearwater Seafoods Sees ‘Long-Term Opportunity’ in China

Over the past 40-plus years, Clearwater Seafoods has established itself as North America’s largest vertically integrated harvester, processor and distributor of premium shellfish. The company now sells 80 million pounds annually to more than 40 countries. But something happened in 2015 that prompted a major shift in its selling strategy. Nova Scotia-based Clearwater, which brands its product as wild-caught, premium seafood that is managed from ocean to plate, launched the Belle Carnell, a new fishing vessel that almost doubled the intake of one of its top products, the Arctic surf clam.  click here to read the story 13:32

Clearwater Seafoods buys Scottish crabber as part of bid to expand in Europe

Seafood giant Clearwater Seafoods is beefing up its presence in Europe by buying a crab fishing boat and licence and is casting its eye on other potential acquisitions. The Bedford-based company picked up the Heather K., a Scottish crabber, in July for an undisclosed amount. “It was nominal (amount) relative to our total capital expenditures,” Ian Smith, chief executive officer of Clearwater Seafoods, said Thursday during the company’s second-quarter earnings call. “What is important about that is that it was the beginning of our vertical integration in Scotland.” In late 2015, Clearwater Seafoods bought all of the shares of Scotland’s MacDuff Shellfish Group Ltd. for £94.4 million.(photo, shipspotter.com) click here to read the story 11:59

Clearwater to build $54m clam factory vessel, but there could be some monopoly complications!

Clearwater Seafoods has announced plans to invest roughly CAD 70 million ($54m) in a new “state-of-the-art” factory vessel for its Canadian clam fleet. This investment follows the launch of the Belle Carnell in July 2015, which successfully allowed Clearwater to increase its catch of Arctic surf clams, cockle clams and propeller clams. The combined investments complete Clearwater’s plan to sustainably harvest 100% of its Canadian surf clam quota, employing the most advanced and proprietary clam technology in the world, it said. Read the story here  Surf clam fight heats up with Clearwater boat buy – Presently, Clearwater is the only harvester of Arctic surf clam in Canada, and although it holds all of the current licences, it has not had the capacity to fish the entire 38,756-tonne quota. But Clearwater may not hold onto its monopoly for long. Following two days of science consultations in June, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans is in the process of making a decision on whether or not to increase the quota and open up the fishery to new entrants. Read the story here 20:47

Scallop fishermen protest at Clearwater plant in Grand Bank for Access to Traditional Grounds

scallopers protest clearwaterWayne Meade, one of the organizers of the protest, said fishermen in the area are fed up and want answers from their union – Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW-Unifor) – and the federal government about access to nearby fishing grounds. The harvesters believe they should be able to once again fish the southern and middle scallop beds on St. Pierre Bank, Meade said. “We had a licence to fish anywhere on St. Pierre Bank for 25, 30 year. Overnight that was took from us in 2006 and give to Clearwater and the offshore boats – the companies,” Meade said. Meade said inshore fishermen were then limited to the northwest part of the bank, which had already been largely raked clean by factory trawlers. Read the rest here 07:18

Clearwater Seafoods to buy U.K.’s largest producer of wild shellfish in $195m deal

Clearwater Seafoods Inc. has a $195-million deal to acquire the United Kingdom’s largest producer of wild shellfish. Bedford-based Clearwater announced the deal with Scotland’s Macduff Shellfish Group Ltd. on Friday. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the month. The purchase price is C$187 million, including a cash payment of $71 million. The Nova Scotia company is also assuming amost $8 million in seasonal working capital debt. Read the rest here 09:36

Clamming up! – Clearwater Seafoods invited media aboard the Belle Carnell Friday

But it’s not just the harvesting and processing abilities of the ship that make it a plan for the future. More than either of those thing, according to Coldwater director of fleet operations, Tony Jabbour, the real investment of this vessel is in the people who will run it. “It’s about a way of life. It’s about work environment. All our crews are time on-time off so the maximum that would work is 160 days at sea,” he says. “Our crews are equal time at home and that gives them a good home/work balance.” Read the rest here 17:18

Clearwater Seafoods Welcomes the Belle Carnell to their Fleet

clearwater belle carnell“The Belle Carnell represents the single-largest vessel investment in Clearwater’s history and is a testament to our dedication to the fishery, the region and sustainable seafood excellence,” said Ian Smith, CEO, Clearwater Seafoods. “The Belle Carnell is the most technologically advanced shellfish harvester in the world and we are extremely pleased to be adding her to our fleet,” The clams harvested by the Belle Carnell and her crew will be automatically shucked and individually quick frozen within an hour of catch,,, Read the rest here 14:35

Clearwater Seafoods Launches New Argentine Scallop Harvesting Vessel

Clearwater Seafoods and Glaciar Pesquera S.A. announced that they have recently added a newly designed, state-of-the-art factory vessel to their Argentine scallop fleet, replacing and retiring one of the two existing vessels. The now fully-operational vessel strengthens Clearwater’s leadership in innovative, sustainable seafood harvesting. The Capesante, Italian for “scallop”, joins the company’s Argentine fleet based in the port of Ushuaia, the southern-most city in the world. Read the rest here 15:34