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Oyster reef now closed after reopening for first time in 54 years

cwl3cs7xyaegnra_1478778207963_6994443_ver1-0Officials with the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources announced the Biloxi Bay oyster reef was closed for fishing beginning Wednesday (Nov. 9) due to excessive localized rainfall. The closure was announced for the V “A” area that includes Biloxi Bay and Shearwater reefs.  Biloxi Bay reopened for harvesting earlier this month for the first time in 54 years after water quality reached an acceptable standard to inspectors. On the first day of reopening, the Department of Marine Resources reported 46 boats, including five recreational and 31 commercial, pulled in 441 sacks of oysters. For more information, call the Oyster Hotline at (228) 374-5167 or 1-800-385-5902 link 09:06

UNE seal rescue facility closes, says animals no longer endangered – (They never were!)

It was heading into the traditionally busy Memorial Day weekend that Lynda Doughty, executive director of Marine Mammals of Maine, said she received a press release that the MARC facility was closing. The news, she said, was “devastating.”  (I just don’t feel devastated) Read more here 08:40

Atlantic herring fishery closed for Gulf of Maine as limit approaches – Atlantic Herring Management Area 1B

nmfs_logoThe Atlantic herring fishery will close Saturday for the offshore Gulf of Maine region after 92 percent of the total allowable catch had been caught. The National Marine Fisheries Service said the fishery will be closed from Saturday through May 1, 2015. Atlantic Herring Management Area 1B Closure Effective 0001 Hours May 24, 2014  Read more here  08:03

N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries Pulls the Plug on Speckled Trout

N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries Director Louis Daniel has issued a proclamation closing all coastal and inland waters to commercial and recreational spotted seatrout (speckled trout) until June 15. Read [email protected] 15:56

Allison McHale – NOAA Federal – commercial summer flounder fishery in the New Jersey will be closed effective December 22nd, re-open on January 1st

NOAA announces today that the commercial summer flounder fishery in the New Jersey will be closed effective December 22nd since the state’s quota for this fishery has been reached.  This closure has been closely coordinated with the State of New Jersey.  The fishery is scheduled to re-open on January 1st.  For a copy of the Fishery Bulletin announcing this closure, click here.

Commercial fishery for black sea bass ends after four months – Closed – Cape Hatteras to Key West, Fla.,

The year-long commercial fishery for black sea bass closed earlier this month after being open for just four months, a preemptive measure designed to protect recovering fish populations throughout the Atlantic Ocean. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the fishery’s 309,000-pound annual catch limit – the amount of fish that can be harvested each year without adversely affecting population levels, according to federal regulators – was reached early.