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Tri Marine Group announces closure of Samoa Tuna Processors cannery December 11

Employees of Samoa Tuna Processors are learning that the cannery is shutting down indefinitely December 11 due to “adverse business conditions”. The $70 million cannery  was officially opened in January of last year, but only started production  a few months later because of delayed shipping due to industrial action on the west coast. The closure would put close to 1,000 workers out of jobs and send ripple effects throughout the community and also Samoa where the majority of production employees are from. Renato Curto, CEO of the Tri Marine Group said in a  statement, “This is an incredibly difficult decision and one we make with a great deal of reluctance. “Our hearts go out to STP’s employees, suppliers, service providers and everyone else who depends on STP’s operations.” The statement said the challenging economics of canning tuna in American Samoa combined with external factors facing STP make Tri Marine’s private-label focused business model for operating the plant economically unsustainable in today’s market. Tri Marine is currently evaluating alternatives for the facility including outright sale, preferably to a strategic buyer that would minimize job losses. Read the rest here 17:04

NMFS: Closure of Mid-Atlantic Scallop Access Area for Limited Access General Category Fleet

War Cry Scallop dredgeEffective at 0001 on July 4, we are closing the Mid-Atlantic Scallop Access Area to the Limited Access General Category (LACG) Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) scallop fleet. We project that the 2016 LAGC IFQ has reached the Mid-Atlantic Access Area trip limit. The area will remain closed to the LAGC IFQ fleet for the remainder of the 2016 fishing year through February 28, 2017. Vessels that have complied with the observer notification requirements, declared a trip into the Mid-Atlantic Scallop Access Area using the correct Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) code, and crossed the VMS demarcation line before 0001 July 4, 2016, may complete their trip and retain and land scallops caught from the Mid-Atlantic Scallop Access Area. For more details, read the notice (pdf) as filed this afternoon in the Federal Register and the permit holder bulletin (pdf). To review the Atlantic Sea Scallop management areas, check out our story map. 17:23

SAFMC BULLETIN: Federal Waters Off South Carolina Closed to All Fishing for Brown, White, and Pink Shrimp Through May 31, 2014

Effective February 13, 2014, at 12:01am Federal waters off South Carolina are closed to the harvest of brown, pink, and white shrimp through May 31, 2014. South Carolina has closed its territorial waters to all shrimping as well. South Carolina fishery managers requested this closure due to a prolonged period of water temperatures at or below 9°C in the region. Read [email protected]  20:05

King Mackerel Gillnet Fishing Closed for Year in S. Florida W. Coast Subzone

NMFS has determined the 551,448-pound commercial quota has been met. With this action, king mackerel commercial gillnet fishing is prohibited in the Gulf of Mexico off Collier and Monroe Counties, – Read [email protected]   10:51

Long Island Sound Lobster Season Closes For The First Time

Local lobsterman Michael Theiler said he’s dubious that closing the season will have the desired effect of rebuilding the lobster population but he thinks the local lobster industry can survive the fall closure. [email protected]  18:16

Department of Fisheries and Oceans has told crab fishermen to haul in their pots — the fishery is closed because of a lack of data.

Or more succinctly, the DFO hasn’t got a clue what’s going on, so they’re going to err on the side of caution. DFO spinmaster Diane Lake told The Northern View that the closure was needed based on the latest sampling. [email protected]