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It seems not everyone cares for Farmed Salmon! – Farmed salmon not fit for consumption

After reading the June 2 letter on farmed salmon by Jon Grant, NSERC-Cooke Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Aquaculture at Dalhousie University, I had the feeling of being dismissed as: “What do I know, as I am not a scientist but only a mother?”However, I am also a businesswoman and co-owner of two restaurants. After doing my own research, and a lot of it — yes, I can read — on farmed Atlantic salmon, my conclusion was,,, Read the rest here  09:19

NOAA: Coastal ocean aquaculture can be environmentally sustainable

cage“We did this study because of concerns that putting marine finfish farms in the coastal ocean could have adverse effects on the environment,” said Dr. James Morris, NCCOS ecologist. “We found that, in cases where farms are appropriately sited and responsibly managed, impacts to the environment are minimal to non-existent.” Read [email protected]  20:04