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Listening for Cod in the Gulf of Maine

“I’m a semi-retired fisherman,” said Frank Mirarchi, “but not willingly.” Mirarchi is a commercial fisherman out of Scituate, Massachusetts. He’s fished his whole life for, the species that famously supported generations of New England fishermen. Today, cod stocks are in bad shape, and regulators have significantly cut catch limits to give stocks a chance to recover. Scientists and fishermen don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to cod.  Read the rest here 21:29

Where Have All the Cod Gone?

As early as the 1850s, fishermen from Maine and Massachusetts began to pester their governments to do something about declining cod catches. Those men fished with hooks and lines from small wooden sailboats and rowboats. Fearing “the material injury of the codfishing interests of this state” by increased fishing for menhaden, a critical forage fish for cod, fishermen from Gouldsboro, Me., implored the Legislature in 1857 to limit menhaden hauls. Read the rest here 18:04

In the LA Times: Cape Cod’s namesake fish population rapidly disappearing

Today’s catch: pounds of skate, a fish that looks like a sting ray until fishermen catch it, when they cut off its wings and throw the body back into the water. The skate wings, white triangular pieces of flesh trailed by streams of blood, slide down ramps onto the loading dock. “Eeeewww,” says 5-year-old Felix Haight. “It looks like raspberry jelly,” he adds, as his mother wrinkles her nose. The next boat brings in dogfish, which looks like a mix between a shark and a lizard, Read the rest here 19:34